FIFe International Champion GB*Norskwood Tara

Tara is from Sookie’s first litter with Hullabaloo. Her litter were born 16th March 2013, and all the litter were of excellent type. I wanted to keep one of the girls, and couldn’t make my mind up between her and her sister Faith. But in the end Tara’s ruler straight profile made the decision for me.

She is a Blue Tortie Blotched Tabby, and has done very well at shows so far with many BIV’s and Nominations. She’s just begun her career as an Adult, so I hope she continues in the same way. She has a lovely triangle with a perfectly straight profile and a lovely rounded top of her head. Her chin is a bit weak though, but she has a promising coat (especially for a Blue) and she’s long in the body and high on her rear legs with a long tail.

Tara is an extremely affectionate cat who loves to rush into the living room, jump on my lap and give my nose a hard nip when she’s feeling happy! She gets on well with all the cats and has just begun to take an interest in looking after our kittens. I hope that she’ll have some kittens of her own at some stage in the future. She’s one of our young girls who adores our son Gethin and he is now learning how to hold Tara- maybe I can train them both up so that Gethin can show her in the future.


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