GB*Norskwood Splatt The Cat

Splatt is the son of our IC GB*Norskwood Treacle Tart and IC GB*Tiganlea Price Zebadee. He was born in August 2015 and was the biggest kitten we’ve ever had born here at Norskwood- 168g! When you consider that could be the weight of 2 small kittens you get an idea of how huge he was.

Splatt is a darling- he’s remained a big boy and he’s a Black Blotched Tabby and White. He’s a very sweet natured and gentle cat but a teeny bit shy- very confident with us and people he knows, he lacks the confidence that makes Marshall such a show cat and so he hasn’t been to as many shows as his “brother”.  Hopefully, we’ll remedy that though as he’s turning into a lovely NFO; he’s very long with a tail to match, his coat quality is wonderful and he has excellent boning. His head is triangular with a nice straight profile and good ears and chin. I’d like a more rounded forehead but there is always something!

Splatt loves to play with Marshall who is his best friend. They romp all over the house and cat garden and create hell, knocking things over and getting into trouble. He also loves kittens- when Tara had Rocky who was a few weeks younger than Splatt he used to love to play with him and our current litter he has helped to bring up- despite him being so big and them being so much smaller, he has just loved to wash them and cuddle them.

Splatt’s name came from when his Granny Willow had a single huge kitten who was so fat that he has trouble walking on the laminate floors- Splatt reminded us of him and the nickname stuck.


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