FIFe International Champion GCCF Champion Catwo Sunndance “Buffy”

FIFe Grand International Champion Sookie is Mine “Sookie Dook”

Norskwood Angel

FIFe Champion Cleasanta Blackberry

FIFe International Champion Norskwood Tara

FIFe Supreme Champion GCCF Champion & FIFe International Premier Norskwood Greebo “Greebie Weebie”

FIFe International Champion Norskwood Sweet Chilli “Chilli”

FIFe Champion & International Premier Miyoda Delilah “Lilah”

FIFe Grand International Champion and Premier Norskwood Cracker

FIFe Supreme Champion Mountain and GCCF Champion Spirit Blue Boo Balou Cat DVM “Blue Boo”

FIFe Grand International Champion Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo “Wolfie”

Norskwood Hot Diggety “Diggy”

Norskwood Up The Junction “Creamy”


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