Mini Chilli

FIFe International Champion GB*Norskwood Temptation

Mini Chilli was born on 3rd March 2013 to Chilli (you don’t say?!) and Hullabaloo. It was Hullabaloo’s first litter and we were confident that these would be a nice litter being as Chilli had always given us beautiful kitten with Blue Boo. Sure enough, they were a gorgeous litter and when Mini Chilli was born I was very tempted to keep her- hence her name, which also fitted in nicely with the theme of the litters’ names which was 80’s song titles!

Mini is such an extrovert- she loves people and always runs to meet visitors to the house. She’s a very cuddly cat and loves to jump up to my shoulder and sit there nibbling on my hair- she will also do this with people at cat shows! She loves Gethin and will play with him for hours.

She is a Black Tortie Spotted Tabby and White with a gorgeous triangular head, straight profile, good chin, rounded top of the head and a long tail too. Her coat is of great quality and she has nice boning and a muscular body. Her eyes are a hypnotic green and like her Mum, she looks like she’s always taken the time to put her kohl eyeliner on!

Mini Chilli has loved going to shows from her first show at about 15 weeks old. She just loves the whole experience from travelling, to staying in hotels and of course being at the show itself where she will purr all day long from vetting in until we pack up and go home. We’ve been all over England and over to Belgium too, and she’s done consistently well being Nominated several times and BIV several times. At her first GCCF show (Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show 2014), she won her Breed Class and the CC, and had a Red Card Day meaning that she won all her side classes too. I really hope that she continues to enjoy herself, and do well as she matures.


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