Norskwood Kitty Kit Kat

Norskwood Kitty Kit Kat is the daughter of Sookie and GIC Sterrenkatten's Bear Hug. Born 8th March 2016, she's a Black Tortie Blotched Tabby. A shy but loving girl, she takes after her Dad in personality.

Because she's not as outgoing as the majority of the Norskwood clan, she's never gone to a show because Ali feels that she would loathe it. She gets on well with all the other cats however.

Kitty has many wonderful qualities though. She's a good size with a muscular body and super coat quality. She has a lovely NFO expression, good head with straight profile, ok ears and a long tail. She's also a great Mum and all her kittens have been incredibly outgoing, confident and extremely affectionate babies.

Like most of our cats, we sing to her (yes, we are that mad!), and she goes all unnecessary! Her song is of course based on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and we sing "Pretty Kitty Kit Kat we love you"!


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