Kitten Status:

Available- Well, this speaks for itself!

On Hold- Someone has shown interest but I might become available.

Reserved- I have been visited and chosen my prospective slaves and a deposit has been taken.

Sorry, we don’t have kittens currently but please check again in spring 2019.

A Norskwood kitten is brought up underfoot in our home and is socialised by our friends and mostly by our son Gethin (Chief Socialiser!) and is used to other cats. They will be ready to go to their new home when they are at least 14 weeks old. They are also  -

  • Registered with FIFe and/or GCCF
  • Fully vaccinated against Feline Panleucopenia/Infectious Enteritis, Feline Herpes Virus, Calici Virus and Feline Leukaemia and will have seen a vet at least 3 times.
  • Neutered
  • Micro chipped
  • Treated for worms

All new kitten slaves will be expected to sign a contract to ensure the kittens’ welfare. Because it is very important to me that our kittens find loving, safe and happy homes I might ask you lots of questions. This isn’t just because I’m nosey and it isn’t intended to be intrusive, but I like to be able to match up the right kitten to the right home. Our kittens expect to meet and get to know their new families before they go to their new homes. We take a non refundable deposit of £200.

Our kittens only go to homes where they will be indoor cats, or preferably, to homes where they have access to a cat run or a cat proofed garden. This is because over the years, several of my babies have been run over and either killed or horribly injured. I am very keen to prevent this from happening again and I want them to live long lives and kept safe.

Please see our Info page to find out more about Norskwood kittens.


Contact me by telephone or by using the contact form below.