Kitten Information


The Kittens are weaned and used to eating premium quality dried foods as well as fresh raw meat, fish and chicks and are litter trained too. We'll go through their diet with you and let you know what foods they are used to eating as well as letting you know what type of cat litter they are used to and all the other bits of paraphernalia they’ll need thereby making their transition into their new home as seamless as possible.

Because we regard our kittens as our "babies", we may ask you questions that you might find intrusive or downright odd! This isn't just because we're nosy, but because we want to find the best possible homes for all our kittens and because we only want the best for all of our kittens, we always reserve the right to say no at any point up until the kittens are due to go to their new homes. The cats are great judges of character too and usually know which prospective slave looks genuine and which one isn’t! If they select you to be the proud owner of a Norskwood kitten then we take a £150 deposit which is non-refundable.

We would like our kittens to go to homes where they will be a much loved part of the family, and have access to the house (and bed!) as well as to a safe outdoor environment such as a cat proofed garden or cat run. Please note that a 2 metre fence can be jumped in one go by many Norwegian Forest Cats and will not contain them, and because they’re so athletic they need a properly cat proofed space or cat run in order to enjoy the outdoors. NFOs have no road sense and loads of confidence- this is a lethal combination! We can’t go through anymore deaths caused by road traffic accidents, or worry about our offspring that have disappeared. Over the years, we’ve had our hearts broken by our cats being run over and injured or killed, stolen, poisoned and injured by people and/or other cats and dogs, and we can’t go through this again. This is preventable- please just ask and we can advise on cat proofing and cat runs to ensure that the felines in your family are kept safe and sound. Even if you live in what you think is a perfectly safe place, believe me it probably isn’t for a NFO! Of course, consideration will also be given to those prospective slaves who have a suitable indoor only home.

Our kittens are usually born in our bedroom and spend the first few weeks there before having the run of the house. They are used to living with other cats and meeting our friends and family and of course are used to all the usual household noises such as small children, the washing machine, Dyson and hairdryer. We will not let our kittens go to a home where they would be an only cat, as Norwegians are very sociable cats who need plenty of interaction with humans and other cats. They aren't snobs however, and don't mind if their feline friends are non-pedigrees or other breeds as long as they're good company!

Please note that we do not let our kittens go as breeding cats unless we know the breeder personally, or have a reference from breeders we know well. Breeding is a huge commitment and isn't for everyone. It can entail heart breaking decisions, huge financial outlay and a lot of time, plus steep learning curves. Although you can gain a lot from breeding, this usually manifests itself in pleasure from working with your cats; it tends not to be a material gain. Any of our kittens who go as breeding cats will go to breeders with a registered GCCF, FIFe or TICA prefix.

We expect that vaccination, worming and flea treatment should be kept up (according to current veterinary recommendations) for the life of the cat and we strongly recommend that all kitten owners continue to insure the kitten for life also as the cost of veterinary treatment can be expensive. All of our new kitten owners sign a Kitten Sales Agreement to ensure that the kitten is looked after appropriately for life and as the welfare of our kittens is most important to us, we have no hesitation in welcoming them back to our home should the need arise, at any point in their life.

We would be grateful if new owners kept in contact with us occasionally to let us know how our offspring is progressing! Photos are very much appreciated and often get put on the website- we’re so proud of all our “Grandkittens”.

We will always be available for help and advice when the kitten is in his/her new home- just pick up the phone or e-mail no matter if you have a concern or just want to tell us what your cat has been up to.

Now that you’ve read all that, if you feel that you have what it takes to offer one of our kitties a permanent home that is full of love then please contact us for more information on any available kittens, about future matings or if you have any questions.

Best regards, Ali and the Norskwood Cats


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