FIFe International Champion and GCCF Champion D*Minnetonka’s Heartbreaker JW

Heartbreaker came over to us from Ursula Gleich in Germany at the end of January 2017. Basically, Ali fell in love and decided to treat herself to a handsome German!

Born on the 29th September 2016, Heartbreaker is a Blue Mackerel Tabby, and he lives up to his name. He travelled home like a seasoned show cat and sat with Gethin and Ali on the back seat of the car. He marched into the house and made instant friends with the Fat Cat (Anya), who gave him a quick wash and decided that he could stay! He is a very confident lad and very promising.

He’s already grown considerably since his arrival and should be a big cat when he’s fully grown. He has a long body and strong legs. His coat is great for a Blue baby, and hopefully it will continue to develop well. He has a long triangular head with a lovely long straight profile, excellent strong chin, big ears with lynx tips and lovely eyes. He is a very loving boy who is very fond of our son Gethin. He’s getting used to Ali and Gethin singing to him all the time “Why do you have to be a Heartbreaker?”!

We’re hoping to take him to some shows in 2017 all being well.


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