FIFe Supreme Champion & International Premier & GCCF Grand Champion GB*Norskwood Greebo

Greebo (or Greebie-Weebie) is a star. He was born to Willow and GIC Tiganlea Prince Davio (Shred) on 29th August 2006. Little did I know how special he was to become. Greebo is a Black Spotted Tabby. We decided to keep either him or his litter brother to be our first stud cat; both were stunners but Steve decided on Greebo and also named him (we’re Terry Pratchett fans). He is a big and very long boy with a lovely muscular body.

He is very masculine and has a good head with an almost straight profile, lovely eyes and a fabulous expression. He has good coat quality and a long tail.

Greebo likes going to shows and has done really well from being a kitten up to Supreme Champion with FIFe and Grand Champion with GCCF (which he did at the age of 5). He has been Best in Variety many times, Best of Breed many times, Nominated many times and has several Best in Show Wins too.

He’s sired some amazing kittens too- several of whom we’ve kept. Now he’s neutered he’s starting all over again and is doing well and enjoying coming to shows.

He is still in charge of the boys despite being neutered- he doesn’t take any messing about. He and Blue Boo adore each other and are often found cuddling each other.

Greebo loves to be cuddled and he’s so long that I can wrap him over my shoulders where he’d be quite happy to be carried about all day long. He likes to come in the house to visit, but often has a sly wee so we have to keep a beady eye on him!

In November 2012 Greebo and I made a trip into Shoreditch for a photo shoot for Petplan insurance. Greebo took it all in his stride- he loves to go out and about, and he behaved impeccably. We’re not sure when the photos will be used but we certainly enjoyed our day out.


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