Champion Alter Norskwood Hot Diggety

Diggy aka Norskwood Hot Diggety is a Blue Spotted Tabby boy from GIC Norskwood Sookie is Mine and GIC Minnetonka’s Heartbreaker JW. He’s another of our babies whom we kept because we fell in love with him.

Diggety is a big solid lad with a long body and good boning. He has a super long tail and his coat at 10 months is beginning to get guard hairs and he’s the exact same shade of Blue as his Daddy. I would ideally like his head to be a bit longer, but despite this he has a good triangle, lovely straight profile, firm chin and big well set ears. His eyes are great- he has a wonderful NFO expression.

He’s a very loving, soppy boy. He loves to sleep alongside me with his head on my shoulder- this is wonderful on cold nights!

Diggy began his show career fairly late at 9 months, but he’s done very well so far being Nominated for Best in Show at his first FIFe show and at his second show with TICA, he finalled in 2 rings on both days and won enough points to become Champion Alter. He was very relaxed about it all and took it all in his stride.


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