FIFe International Champion GB*Norskwood Sweet Chilli

Chilli was from our first ever Norskwood to Norskwood mating between her Mum Sparky to Dad Greebo. They had 5 big and very beautiful kittens on 23rd July 2009, and from the second Chilli was born I knew that she would be staying here! She is an extremely pretty Black Blotched Tortie Tabby and White and she looks like she always takes the time to apply her eyeliner.

She has a very friendly and outgoing personality and is of course the archetypal naughty tortie! She’s a big, long girl with good boning and a lovely coat in very flashy colours. She has a lovely head, good ears, almost straight nose and beautiful eyes. Her tail is nice and bushy and just about long enough.

Chilli took after both sides of the family- she’s a very confident cat who loves cuddles, and she’ll play for hours with the kittens. She often has a mad half hour where she’ll run in and out of the cat garden with the wind up her tail.

in March 2011 Chilli went to a photo shoot and was chosen to be the cat to advertise ProPlan Derma Plus. I wasn’t told that she’d been chosen, so imagine my surprise when I happened upon her on their website. She looks amazing, well she is amazing!

From being a kitten, Chilli took to showing like a duck to water. She just loved all the adulation! As a Kitten and Junior she was often BIV and Nominated with one BIS win at the Garden of England show in February 2010. As an Adult she went off shows for a short time, but has recently returned to shows and is back to her old show-off self. As long as she’s enjoying it we’ll take her out.

Chilli has had 2 litters with Blue Boo- all big bouncing babies, one of whom called The Hamster is often shown. We’re hoping that she’ll have another litter soon.


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