FIFe International Champion & GCCF Champion Catwo Sunndance

Buffy aka Buff-Puff (or Buffy the Frog Slayer) was born in February 2004. She was our first breeding girl and has had some wonderful kittens- she usually has big litters too. She had our biggest ever litter (10) in 2007. She is the matriarch in our household and we have several generations that are descended from her. We love Buffy- she is a very sweet girl but she rules the other girls with a paw of iron!

Buffy is a very pretty Blue Silver Tortie Spotted Tabby with a great expression. We know she’s Silver because she’s had kittens who’re a very clear Silver, but despite being looked over by many judges, not one of them can find the Silver in her coat.

She has a lovely triangle, a long almost straight profile and wonderful eyes- they’re a great shape and a gorgeous bright green. Her ears are too small, but her boning is good- she isn’t the biggest NFO but she is very muscular. Her coat lets her down- pretty in colour it has the softness you’d expect from a Blue and to keep it knot free in the winter is almost impossible.

The Buff-Puff did well at GCCF shows as a kitten and as a youngster when there were usually no less than 6 in the Open Class. One show there were 11 girls in the Open and Buffy won it and was BOB. When we moved over to Felis Britannica she did quite well and is International Champion. Buffy is almost retired from shows (she might occasionally come out if she feels like it), and has now been retired from breeding and is enjoying herself immensely.


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