Norskwood is now Ali and young son Gethin. Ali has been involved in showing with both FIFe in the UK and in Europe and with GCCF since 2003. She is very committed to the cats and has been on several committees to help promote cat clubs and shows within the UK and has participated in health studies in NFOs too.

Gethin loves going to shows with his Mum and often brings his toy cat Kayla whom he shows too- he is instrumental in socialising kittens and helps to weigh and cuddle them from birth.

We are based in Chingford, North East London on the borders of Essex and Herfordshire and close to beautiful Epping Forest.


Ali grew up with cats but it wasn't until 2002 when one of her moggies died that she started looking round for a similar cat to him.

She had always been a big fan of adopting rescue cats, but search as we might there just weren't any Silver Tabbies about mostly after the success of the Whiskas and the Bacardi Breezer advertisements.

She looked on the internet and saw many breeds of cat that looked great and ended up bringing home a bundle of chaos whom she called Ruby (a Silver Spotted Tortie Tabby British Shorthair), her very first pedigree.

She’d been very taken with Maine Coons, but her partner Steve preferred the "look" of the Norwegian Forest Cat and for his birthday present in 2003 he received Ellwood.

He wanted a big furry handsome cat and that is exactly what he got; we've never looked back!


Since Norwegians are addictive (I can’t stress that enough!), we have introduced several breeding cats into the household and kept many of our own breeding too.

Being soft hearted we don’t tend to discard our breeding cats when they retire unless they would be happier in less crowded home, but there might be occasions where we have a retiree available . If you’re interested in homing an Adult cat then please contact us as we may be able to help you or have friends who have a cat who would like a loving home.

Our NFO’s are our pets first and foremost and are treated as such. We have a large cat garden that they can play in safely without getting out of and the boys have their own quarters with all mod cons.

Now that we have Gethin our garden is more like a little boy’s adventure playground, but that’s ok, the cats enjoy his toys as much as he does. It might not be so pretty, but it keeps everyone happy.


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