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Nordlys Fallow

Willow is known as “WillWow” to us. She was born in January 2005 and came to us from Carole Smith of Nordlys. Carole has been a good friend over the years and has given lots of help and advice.

Willow was full sister of Dewi and Dom and half sister of Izzy, and is the only one of our Nordlys gang still with us. Willow is a big girl with the proper NFO look- she has an expression that invites you to “Go Forth and Multiply” even when she’s in a happy frame of mind! She is a Black Silver Spotted Tabby with lovely coat texture, a very long body and tail. She has excellent boning and ears. Her head is a little on the short side, especially for the current trend, but it’s still triangular.

As a kitten Willow did really well at shows and was the Norwegian Forest Cat Club winner for the Kitten Points award for the year 2005. As an Adult though Willow decided that after going to a couple of shows that there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell she’d be persuaded to continue and so she retired early.

She had some stunning kittens- our Greebo was from her first litter- before being spayed. She now lives in happy retirement sunbathing and eating lots. She had a close bond with our daughter Carys who was disabled and she was unfailingly gentle and kind to her. She just about tolerates Gethin who is much louder and more rambunctious than Carys.

The Neuters... Willow - Marmalade - Greebo - Cordy - Anya - Buffy