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“Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world -  the clock and the cat”

Marmie was the 10th kitten born of a litter of 10 from Buffy and Greebo’s first litter. He was born in October 2007...


GB*Norskwood Marmalade


FIFe Supreme Champion & International Premier & GCCF Grand Champion GB*Norskwood Greebo

Greebo (or Greebie-Weebie) is a star. He was born to Willow and GIC Tiganlea Prince Davio (Shred) on 29th August 2006..


FIFe International Champion

GB*Norskwood Sweet Chilli

Chilli was from our first ever Norskwood to Norskwood mating between her Mum Sparky to Dad Greebo...

Cordy is also known as Miss Cordelia Chase. She was from our very first litter ever, and her Mum is Buffy...


International Champion & Grand International Premier GB*Norskwood Cordelia


Supreme Champion & Grand International Premier GB*Norskwood Anya

Anya aka Fat Cat or Fatty was the entire second litter born to Buffy and Elfentanz Othello...



FIFe International Champion & GCCF Champion Catwo Sunndance

Buffy aka Buff-Puff (or Buffy the Frog Slayer) was born in February 2004. She was our first breeding girl and has had some wonderful kittens...


Grand International & Premier Champion GB*Norskwood Cracker

Oh Cracker; where do I start with my “little” kittie? He wasn’t meant to stay. Born 10 th June 2010 to Chilli and Blue Boo (young star crossed lovers!), he was booked to go and ...

Blue Boo joined us in October 2009 from our kind friend Gary Chodkiewicz. Born on 13th July 2009, he has an excellent pedigree and both his parents have many Best in Show wins. Blue Boo has...


FIFe Supreme Champion & GCCF Champion GB*Mountain Spirit Blue Boo Balou Cat DVM