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Champion GB*Norskwood Marshall I’m Fired Up!

Well, Marshall is the son of Conchita and Cracker, one of only 7 kittens that we had in 2015. Typically, he wasn’t supposed to stay but Gethin fell for him and begged Mummy to keep him. And although he isn’t the perfect NFO, Marshall has some wonderful qualities and a fabulous personality and so he’s stayed here with us. His Dad is a big lad but his Mum is on the small side; Marshall grew very rapidly and has  turned into a great boy who loves shows. He’s a very good Black Spotted Silver Tabby and White- possibly Bicloour (we don’t tend to have cats with a lot of White, so I’m no expert!).

Marshall has been over to Belgium a few times and to the North Sea Winner’s Show where he won his first CACIP beating a much older Swedish boy. He takes it all in his stride and loves the attention. He became a Champion at the age of 10 months in 3 straight shows and has often been BIV and Nominated for Best in Show. If I was being picky I’d like a slightly straighter profile and a higher forehead on him, but over all he’s a lovely big cat with good boning, wonderful expression, a long tail and a god triangle. Most importantly, he’s very sociable and adores our son Gethin.

He was named by Gethin too- his litter were names after characters from the children’s cartoon Paw Patrol and Marshall in the series is by luck a Dalmatian pup who bears a striking resemblance to our Marshall- as much as a cartoon pup can do with a real life NFO! Marshall is a Fire Pup and often says in the programme “I’m Fired Up!” His sister Skye This Pup’s Gotta Fly! also goes to shows with her slave and does very well- it was a cracking litter.

The Boys... Marshall - Splatt - Hullabaloo  - Heartbreaker