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The Boys... Marshall - Splatt - Hullabaloo  - Heartbreaker

Hullabaloo is another lovely boy bred by our friend Gary Chodkiewicz and he was born on 4th April 2012. We decided that Hullabaloo was much too good to let go so we co-own him with Gary but he lives here.

Like his Great Uncle Blue Boo, he’s a solid Blue (one of only 2 that Gary has bred- and of course the other one is our Blue Boo!)

He has a very muscular body with fabulous boning, and long tail and excellent coat quality especially for a Blue. He has a lovely triangular head with good ears, oblique eyes and straight profile, rounded top of head and a firm chin.

Wolfie is a very affectionate boy who has made lots of friends here and his kittens have been wonderful both in type and also in personality- they are always super confident and affectionate.

He has done very well on the show bench both here in the UK and also in Europe winning BIV several times and being Nominated for Best in Show many times- he made his first trips to Belgium and France as a kitten. He loves a hotel room!


Grand International Champion GB*Mountain Spirit Hullabaloo