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“As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any  length of time well knows cats have enormous patience  with the limitations of the human kind.”


Grand International Champion GB*Norskwood Sookie is Mine

Sookie aka Sookie Dook or Duckles is from Anya’s final litter and her Daddy is Blue Boo. She was born 9th March 2011....


Norskwood Angel

Angel was born on the 2nd September 2012 to Buffy and Blue Boo ....


FIFe International Champion

GB*Norskwood Tara

Tara is from Sookie’s first litter with Hullabaloo. Her litter were born 16th March 2013, and all the litter were of excellent type....


FIfe International Champion

GB*Norskwood Temptation

Mini Chilli was born on 3rd March 2013 to Chilli (you don’t say?!) and Hullabaloo. It was Hullabaloo’s first litter and we were confident....



GB*Cleasanta Blackberry

Blackberry is a wonderful girl, whom we hadn’t planned on having at all- it’s a long story, but worth telling.....


FIFe International Champion GB*Norskwood Chloe

Chloe was born on 4th August 2016, and she is daughter to Mini Chilli aka GIC Norskwood Temptation and SC Mountain Spirit Blue Boo Balou Cat DVM.