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Champion GB*Norskwood Conchita

Conchita (or Conchita con Queso as we call her) was the only daughter born in Delilah and Greebo’s litter of kittens on 29th September 2009. She’s a very pretty Black Silver Blotched Tabby and White and although I thought she was lovely I didn’t want to keep her. Steve fell for her beautiful eyes though and so Conchi stayed.

As it turned out, that was a good thing because her Mum Miyoda Delilah didn’t conceive again and then had a pyometra and had to be spayed. Conchita is now keeping that line going for us.

She isn’t the biggest girl in the world, and she’s quite shy with people. But she has her good points; her ears are lovely as are her eyes. Her coat is great and she’s in proportion body wise. Sadly, her nose isn’t quite straight but she has a good top of the head and nice triangle.

She’s done remarkably well at shows despite what I feel are her shortcomings- she’s only been beaten once, and was Best of Breed at the only GCCF show she went to but as she isn’t too keen on shows she is now retired.

Conchi kept us waiting for kittens but it was well worth it- her kittens have all been stunners; big with lovely head shape, fabulous markings and with huge outgoing purrsonalities.