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GB*Norskwood Chloe

Chloe was born on 4th August 2016, and she is daughter to Mini Chilli aka GIC Norskwood Temptation and SC Mountain Spirit Blue Boo Balou Cat DVM. She really is her Mother’s daughter too! not only does she look very like her Mum Mini and Granny Chilli, she has Mini’s super confident personality and extra loving and confident temperament.

She’s a striking Black Blotched Tortie Tabby and White with a long body, good tail and a coat that’s currently is still developing because she’s a baby. She has a lovely triangular head, a straight profile and strong chin and gorgeous expressive oblique eyes. She is of course a naughty Tortie! Chloe is into everything and likes to get involved with whatever we do. She loves our son Gethin and they play for hours.

She’s due to go to some FIFe shows this year, and has already been to a TICA show where she took it all in her stride and did well.

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