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Champion Snowrock Bestlia

Betty came from Adele Gibson at Snowrock in October 2009; in fact Adele took Arianna and we had Betty in return. She was born in July 2009 and was one of the Solid Blues that Steve waited 7 years for. Ari has since returned back to live with us, but Betty is still part of the family.

Betty is a lovely girl- she is very gentle and adores to be cuddled. When she’s happy she licks you, and if she comes to bed she refuses to move all night.

Not the biggest NFO, Betty nevertheless has some lovely qualities. She has a wonderful straight profile and rounded top of the head and her head itself is a good triangle. She takes after her Daddy in that her ears are too small, but she has a nice long body and a very long tail. Her coat is also excellent for a Solid Blue and I rarely have to brush her.

As a kitten Betty came to several shows where she usually came EX2 to her Aunt who is roughly the same age. She wasn’t too keen on shows really, so when she was an Adult we took her out and she was made up to Champion quite quickly and she’ll most likely retire now unless she changes her mind about the show malarkey.

Betty has had one wonderful litter of kittens so far with Cracker and our dear friend Cecilia of the Macleod Cattery now has Bronwen from that litter. Bronnie is doing really well at shows and she loves the whole experience, so she’s representing her Mum well.

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